Letter: Hypocrisy is leading lawsuit



As executive director of Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects, I’m responding to the Aug. 8 editorial, “State attorney general turns up the heat on Nuclear Regulatory Commission.”

All the hand-wringing over the administration’s decision to terminate the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump by Rob McKenna, Washington’s attorney general, and others just serves to highlight the hypocrisy that characterizes the lawsuit seeking to force the NRC to restart the licensing process.

Where was the outcry when Washington’s own Tom Foley (then House Majority Leader) joined forces with the likes of Jim Wright (Speaker of the House from Texas), Louisiana Sen. J. Bennett Johnston (Energy Committee Chair) and others who, in 1987, used raw political muscle to get repository sites in their states off the hook by sticking it to then-politically-vulnerable Nevada?

If McKenna is so concerned about waste, why not ask DOE to reopen review of Washington’s own repository site at Hanford?

Yucca Mountain never was a safe site, but that didn’t stop Congress from trying to force it on Nevada.

It’s time for McKenna and others to support the efforts of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future to find a safe and workable solution to the nation’s nuclear waste problem.

Keeping the focus on Yucca just compounds the mistakes of the past.

Joseph C. Strolin

Carson City, Nev.