Talking Points: When the PGA goes home



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Count pro golfers on the side of Joe Golfer.

This past week, Phil Mickelson said that as great a challenge as golf courses have become for the majors, they aren’t the greatest thing for the weekend warrior.

The “local course” is set up for the pros and then remains for the club members to deal with.

Mickelson told The Associated Press last week at the PGA Championship that the Atlanta Athletic Club Highlands Course’s four par 3s — three of them more than 200 yards long and all but one with water in play — are the perfect example of how course designers have made the game unplayable for the average Joe.

“That guy that redid this one,” Mickelson said, shaking his head. “It’s great for the championship, but it’s not great for the membership. This is a great example again of how modern architecture is killing the participation of the sport.”


As the news about Logan Morrison’s demotion went viral, the Florida Marlins’ left fielder and top tweeter received tweets of support.

“You prob have the most followers of anyone in the minors now,” wrote one of his 60,000 followers.

Morrison, who has miffed Marlins officials with his tweeting and clubhouse candor, was nonetheless surprised and upset to be sent to Triple-A New Orleans.

The team declined to say what prompted the decision.

“You’ve got to leave your distractions at the door,” manager Jack McKeon said. “Too many young guys come into the game today and think they’ve got it made. They’re the darlings of the media and they want to run their mouth instead of tending to business. The record books are full of one- and two-year phenoms.”

Team president David Samson expressed reservations about Morrison’s Twitter material, some of it R-rated.

“I’ve told Logan,” Samson said then, “no one will care about his tweets if they’re coming from New Orleans.”

— The Associated Press

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