Letter: What went wrong with nation?



One hundred years from now, people will study U.S. history and try to figure out why the nation got into such appalling levels of debt. Where was the political and national will to correct enormous problems once they were obvious? There was addiction for entitlements expected by a voter core who were told they could be sustained if only they were taxed enough. We tried to do too much feeding the world, handouts for every want, and paying for wars that few other nations wanted. The country became divided by those who shouted for even more taxation on those who still worked.

The world began to notice that this once great nation was showing weakness and their printed dollars didn’t buy much anymore. No leadership came from Washington, D.C., to do something about mountains of debt. No statesmen emerged and chief leader Obama turned to his passion of making a speech for re-election in his favorite campaign mode. He had no clue what to do. What caused the collapse of the U.S. could be traced to leaders who couldn’t put aside their enmity for each other. They loved themselves more than preserving the nation.

Frank Krbec

Battle Ground