Letter: Look again; good workers are applying



I’m looking for some enlightenment. I read the Aug. 9 Columbian story “Herrera Beutler hears concerns from local business owners: Frustrations include inability to find qualified workers, federal tax system,” regarding Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, speaking with local business owners. I am somewhat amazed that these owners repeatedly stated, and believe, that they cannot find good workers, in part because they believe, according to the story, that “people would rather collect unemployment for two years than work during that time.”

I am an unemployed computer, electronics and process engineer, with background in medical electronics. I have worked as a chef, sales representative and business owner, and am an Air Force veteran. I contact employers four to five days a week, and I’m unable to get an owner to hire me.

So, now for two years, I guess I’m one of those people these business owners are talking about. Get real. We’re out here looking. I won’t even mention age discrimination; 58 didn’t use to be too old.

Charles Adams