Talking Points: The forgotten Jim Thome



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Chalk up another victim to the steroid era in baseball.

We have no idea if Jim Thome ever took steroids. For the sake of argument, we’ll say he did not.

But he suffered because others did. Thome hit his 600th career home run Monday night. Not that anyone really noticed. Or cared.

Just a decade ago, there would have been a countdown toward 600 home runs. This time around, it was a ho-hum advisory every now and then. We still think 600 homers is a big deal. Congrats, Jim.


Boris Said is not welcome in Clark County.

We got your back, Greg Biffle.

OK, OK, we’re supposed to say that. Greg Biffle is one of us, a Southwest Washington guy. So when he fights, we are supposed to have his back.

That’s cool.

But outside of Clark County?

Not so sure.

Biffle did not come across as very tough when he allegedly tried to punch Boris after Monday’s NASCAR race. Then Boris Said said (always love writing Said said) that Biffle was a “scaredy cat” because when Boris tried to fight back, Biffle went into hiding. (Then again, Boris Said doesn’t look too tough, calling another man a scaredy cat.)

As much as we love racing and our very own Greg Biffle, is anyone else getting tired of NASCAR turning into the WWE of sports? Or worse, Jersey Shore?


The Stanley Cup is coming to America’s Vancouver on Wednesday, courtesy of Boston Bruins scout and Vancouver, USA, resident Tom McVie.

McVie gets possession of the historic hockey trophy from noon to midnight. Among the stops is a appearance at Mountain View Ice Arena approximately from 3:30-5 p.m., where the public is welcome to view the Cup and snap a photo.

All it takes is a small donation in support of youth hockey at the rink — and a bit of patience if the line gets long. That’s not too much to ask to see one of the most storied trophies in all of sport.

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