Letter: Annoying music is only beginning



I was listening to a PBS/NPR program about customer service call centers. Call centers are one of my pet peeves. To start, you are immediately put on hold. If you could put your phone on speaker and go about your business, it wouldn’t be nearly so irritating except for the music they insist on playing, then interrupting with “Your call is very important to us.” When I hear a voice, I am automatically jolted to attention, only to go back on “hold.”

When my call is finally answered, instead of, “How may I help you?’ I hear, “My name is Chad.” I don’t want to build a relationship here, I just need an answer to my problem. When I finally ask my question, I hear, “That is a very good question.” I know that. It’s why I called in the first place and put up with the irritating music.

At the risk of sounding bigoted, allow me to speak to someone who can speak and understand English. I’m already irritated and have waited a long time to speak to a human to whom I cannot make myself understood.

I may not get my problem solved, yet at the conclusion of the conversation, I am told to, “Have a good day.”

Annette Cartwright