Letter: Consult own experience for facts



Aug. 7 brought another long article about the Columbia River Crossing project, which still needs several government entities’ approval. In reading Tom Buchele’s Aug. 7 Local View, “Case for constructing new I-5 Bridge built upon faulty data,” I know why it’s taking over a decade to get this project going. We aren’t getting reliable data from those hired to provide it.

According to consultants from RB Consult, hired by the Oregon state Treasury, “Traffic volumes have flattened off over the last 15-20 years.” Has RB Consult ever seen our bridge? I’ve lived within a mile of it for the past 14 years. Although I do not commute to work in Portland, I cross this bridge frequently. In 14 years, the afternoon bumper-to-bumper has increased by over an hour. Now, unlike 14 years ago, one can get caught in bumper-to-bumper any time, not always due to crashes but due to traffic volume.

I do know that I will not trust any so-called statistics from these reports again. I will believe my own eyes and experiences and common sense. How about the rest of you bridge users?

CarolLee Cotter