Letter: Education savings: Cut at the top



I read the Aug. 10 story, “Vancouver, Evergreen schools set up cuts.” As I read through the list of cuts, one really caught my attention. Evergreen District agreed to cut one district administrator slot with a savings of $165,000. The story also said Vancouver and its union have not yet agreed on the across the board 1.9 percent salary reduction for all teachers and most employees. (An Aug. 12 story subsequently reported, “Vancouver district, teachers reach deal”).

It would seem that we might want to ask the school boards for Evergreen and Vancouver to look at the salary rates for district administrators, and see how those slots can be reduced even further. Administrator pay cuts of 3 percent would still keep their pay at a level that I find hard to explain. Meanwhile, we are cutting back on the library staffing, reading and math support, and programs that help get students ready for the workforce.

Greg Flakus