Letter: Squeaky wheels should get the ‘boot’



What a disappointment to read in The Columbian that there have been complaints from motorists of traffic problems during the “Fill the Boot” project for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and it was not allowed this year in city limits. This fundraiser has been successful in our city for decades, and the money raised helps some of the 1,100 families in Washington and Oregon affected by this disease.

The money goes to research for a cure, repair of wheelchairs and other durable goods, transportation to and from doctor appointments, oxygen and more — and helps kids go to the yearly summer camp. These dedicated firefighters donate their time and through the years have perfected a system for collecting donations with safety and traffic delay as the foremost concern.

And because of a few motorists complaints of two days of inconvenience it cannot happen this year in the city? How about a lifetime of inconvenience not being able to dress yourself, go up a flight of stairs or get around at all these kids go through. But turn the other cheek on the teams of panhandlers at our city’s offramps every day panhandling for their “cause.”

Shame on you Vancouver, shame on us all.

Paul McCarty Jr.