Talking Points: U in a lot of trouble




A lot of former Miami Hurricanes football players are not happy that a man serving 20 years in the joint has fessed up to paying players with cash, gifts, and prostitutes.

Some have even wondered what the dude’s motivation was to speak up now.

Well, there was a report that the guy was miffed that all those players he helped out pretty much deserted him when he had his legal troubles which led to his incarceration.

See, there is no such thing as a free lunch, or prostitute, in this case.

Let this be another lesson to college players who are tempted to take things from people when it is against the law and/or NCAA rules.

The players might think it’s cool to have a little extra cash or a nice car, but they have given up so much in this exchange. They have given up control of their own lives.

Once you take freebies from a scum, the scum owns a part of you.

Those players still in college? They might lose their scholarships now.

Was it worth it?


The Miami Herald has compiled a list of the worst celebrity tippers. Unfortunately for us sports fans, two of the top 10 are athletes.

Guess who’s No. 1, but in a bad way, as in the worst tipper of CelebrityVille?

Tiger Woods.

Well, at least he’s No. 1 at something nowadays.

LeBron James came in at No. 4. He reportedly demanded one restaurant remain open until 4 a.m. And when the $800 bill showed at the table, he paid $810. Yep, a $10 tip.

Obviously this meal was in November. If it had been in June, he would have choked.

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