Letter: Citizens United must be repealed



The biased Aug. 10 story “GOP maintains its control in the Wisconsin Senate” by AP reporter Scott Bauer failed to report a few facts. His statement that the grass-roots effort was “fueled by millions of dollars from national labor groups” does not report the fact the deciding campaign was underwritten by big corporations as a result of Citizens United legislation written and passed by the current Supreme Court kings.

As head of the joint finance committee, Sen. Alberta Darling, R-Wis., spearheaded devastating cuts to schools, community and health services while giving millions in tax breaks to her corporate allies. Darling’s seat is considered the “crown jewel” of these six races. Her victory is questionable because the final tally of votes was delayed by the Waukesha County elections clerk responsible for “finding” 14,000 votes two weeks after the April election of a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge.

There will be no fair elections until the Citizens United law is repealed. Corporations are not people. Campaign finance reform with all campaign capital to come from public funds will stop this nonsense.

The fight for the return to the American dream is just beginning. Get involved; become active, and educate yourself. The Citizens United ruling must be nullified before the election of 2012.

Linda Bakshas