Letter: Feds need to face reality



When will we pull our heads out of the sand? It was not the Tea Party that downgraded our credit rating. Had we followed their cry for action, it is likely our credit rating would not have dropped. In spite of the warning by S&P and others to control spending, the president submitted a $3.7 trillion budget plan in the spring that was rejected in the Senate 97-0. It is evident he does not get it.

The House submitted two budgets to the Democrat-controlled Senate that would have begun to address the credit/debt issue. The Senate ignored the opportunity and did not even discuss the budget proposal. We are living with the results. I am one of the unemployed without jobless benefits, going on three years with only minimum-wage jobs. I lost one home and have consolidated to make it on what I have. I am a realist facing the future. I have adjusted my life to live within my limited means. The investment choices I made did not work out. My choice, my responsibility. I’d like to see our government do the same.

Daniel Mulligan

Battle Ground