Students return to WSUV campus in large numbers

Officials predict record enrollment in Salmon Creek




It’s a reach to say “autumn was in the air” — even if Monday’s clouds and cooler temperature were a sharp departure from the weekend’s mini-heat wave — but the first day of the fall semester at Washington State University Vancouver surely signals a change of season in some way.

Students again flooded the WSUV campus, beginning its 16th year on its Salmon Creek hillside.

Statewide, WSU system officials predict record enrollment, and that’s no different here.

WSUV leaders expect part- and full-time students to likely surpass the 3,000 mark reached a year ago, including more than 2,300 full-time students. That includes hundreds of incoming freshmen, but, the larger increase will be in older transfer students (as opposed to WSU’s main Pullman campus, where the freshman class has jumped by 23 percent).

“We’re starting to see that here, students with (associate’s) degrees coming here to finish their bachelor’s degree,” said Brenda Alling, WSUV spokeswoman.

Surely, record attendance and graduates at Clark College has pushed that trend.

Firm enrollment numbers won’t come until the 10th class day, WSU’s “census day,” on Sept. 2, Alling said.