Healthy Sepulveda in battle for his job



PITTSBURGH (AP) — Pittsburgh Steelers punters Daniel Sepulveda and Jeremy Kapinos are in one of the few position battles up for grabs on the defending AFC champions.

Kapinos filled in capably late last season after Sepulveda tore the ACL in his right leg for the third time in a 13-10 victory over Baltimore in December.

The two are getting equal playing time during the preseason, and their numbers are nearly identical heading into Saturday’s game against Atlanta.

It’s the first time in his career that Sepulveda has had to fight for his job. Sepulveda says he welcomes the competition, adding he and Kapinos have become good friends during training camp.

Sepulveda jokes the punters are the only two players on the team hoping the Steelers don’t score so they can kick instead.