Taiwan issues sea warning for Typhoon Nanmadol



TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Taiwan is warning ships passing through the Bashi Channel south of the island to stay alert of a strong typhoon.

The Central Weather Bureau said Saturday that Typhoon Nanmadol was centered at sea about 280 miles (450 kilometers) south of Taiwan’s southern tip, packing winds of 114 miles (184 kilometers) per hour.

It said Nanmadol may not make landfall but is expected to move north along Taiwan’s eastern coasts Monday and Tuesday.

The bureau predicted that the slow-moving typhoon would bring torrential rains and heavy winds to Taiwan.

It also said the storm’s fringes could whip up waves on beaches and bring heavy rains to mountainous areas on the island during the weekend.

Nanmadol flooded several towns in the Philippines on Friday, with at least one fisherman reported missing.