Letter: Cut administrative costs



Greg Flakus’ letter of Aug. 17, titled “Education savings: Cut at the top” is a point well taken. Greg advocates in part that the Vancouver school board should reduce administrative pay and the number of administrators.

I agree with him, since the average administrative base wage in the Vancouver School District is over $103,000. Certainly, positions could be cut when the ratio of administrators is 1 for every 13 teachers, according to the district’s own records. The school board makes all salary decisions. Citizens can make changes to the school board in November by voting for Bob Travis and Tom Kemp. Both candidates have expressed a desire to reduce Vancouver school district’s administrative costs.

This school year, the current school board increased the superintendent’s salary by up to 19 percent by providing paid vacation days and an additional $10, 000 boost to a 403(B) retirement plan over and above the state retirement system. The total superintendent’s salary package is over $240,000. The Vancouver superintendent is paid more than the governor. It is time to elect school board members who will work to put an end to further increases in administrative costs.

Roy Maier