Talking Points: Potential of summer



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


For 27 consecutive summers, more than 100,000 fans have attended Eugene Emeralds Northwest League baseball games.

We point this out because we would like to be able to write something similar in this space about our Vancouver three decades from now.

Yes, there are significant funding hurdles to plan for bringing the Yakima Bears to Clark County. Yes, there are good fiscal reasons to argue that now is not the time to be taking a swing at baseball.

But we prefer to think positively. We envision a day when a ballpark becomes a grand source of pride, and at least a piece of who we are as a community. We can go on and on about how a baseball team would benefit us, but for now we’ll just tip our cap to Eugene as an example of how baseball and its traditions contribute to making a place a community.



Go outside. Enjoy some jazz, perhaps a sip of wine. Take a hike in the mountains. Go for a walk on the beach. Sail to your heart’s content.

Go to the zoo, or to a farmer’s market. Take the family to Mount St. Helens.

We urgently suggest these activities because for many of you — like us — this is the last free weekend for months.

College football kicks off on Thursday, and next Saturday begins the glorious three-month parade of morning-to-midnight TV games. You’re going to be occupied on the weekends. Family and friends who are less inclined to find 16 hours of football a perfect day might write you off as a lost cause.

It’s their loss, of course. Still, a bit of quality time this weekend might do us all good.

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