Letter: Hard facts missing in evolution case



Steve Engard (Letters, Aug. 22, “Theories alter with new research”) compares evolution to gravity for credibility. But gravitation is confirmed by abundant measurable, demonstrable, repeatable, experimental data. Evolution theory has not one of these corroborative indicators, not one. Supposed “evidence” is merely forced misinterpretation of data.

Naturalists do excellent research when they keep within their disciplines, but when evolution is made parasitic to that science, using science as a persuasive “front,” it can sneak in credibility of the absurd. At evolution’s core, no scientific data exist that can explain the origin of even a simple cell. Facing reality we must postulate a Creator. Newton, who explained gravitation, firmly believed in God.

The only things that evolve into a higher level of complexity and information are those directed by intelligence — machines, libraries, medicine, inventions, etc.

Millions of wonders everywhere overwhelm the mind. Naturalists’ explanations are unsatisfactory, so evolution is linked, illegitimately, to science (as Engard does gravitation) and sadly, it persuades millions.

Brilliant (but mistaken) scientists and ordinary people are convinced by the persuasion of the intellectual consensus, not by hard facts.

Gorman Gray