Talking Points: ESPN crossing the line?



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Another pathetic season of exploitation has ended after way-too-many-hours of Little League World Series coverage.

You know, it used to be cool when only the championship game was shown. It was special. It was one game on TV. Now, it’s every game in the tourney, plus, what, about a dozen more regional games?

Then to top it off, in the highlights package that ran all night Sunday, ESPN named the Japanese player who made the error to extend the inning that led to California’s victory.

The announcer on SportsCenter even said “take a look” at shortstop (then named him) as the video showed the 12-year-old booting the ball to load the bases.

How about just reporting “an error led to a bases-loaded situation,” then show the game-winning hit?

We wonder if ESPN would have continued to embarrass the 12-year-old by showing that replay over and over again had it been an American who had made the miscue.

If ESPN insists that 12-year-olds playing baseball should be national news, could ESPN at least remember that they are 12?


Bobby Petrino has never shied away from talk of winning a national championship at Arkansas, the Associated Press reports.

Or, apparently, making sense.

The Razorbacks coach believes the Southeastern Conference provides the perfect springboard and the SEC has won the last five BCS titles.

Petrino was asked Monday what Arkansas’ blueprint is for winning the school’s first championship since 1964.

“We need to get to Atlanta and win the SEC championship game,” he said. “And then history shows that you go to a national championship bowl game and draw one of those slow schools from the north and you beat them.”



That’s the first word that comes to mind when describing Oregon.

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