Letter: Appearance reflects one’s focus



I loved the Aug. 27 story “Church takes a stand: No Hooters shirts in Mass.” Monsignor Joseph Funaro worries that some of his parishioners are not really focusing on the Mass at all but are, in fact, “stopping by” the church while on their way to other activities they consider more important. How sad but true. He asks his people, would they dress as they are now dressed if they were coming to meet the Queen of England and they all said “no.” We are reminded that we are, indeed coming to church to meet someone far more important than any Queen … we are coming (or should be) to worship the eternal almighty King of Heaven and of Earth. I understand that God looks on the heart, not the outward appearance, but I wonder sometimes, when we come to worship and partake of His Sacraments in clothes that are inappropriate for man, much less a King, what He sees in our hearts. Frankly, I believe we can, and we should, do better.

Alice Cox