Letter: Bond ensures Ridgefield success




The past two-plus years, the Ridgefield community, faculty, school board and local stakeholders have worked and came together on a very solid and reasonable plan to meet the capital facilities needs of our district. Many people have spoken and spent considerable time and effort to develop a plan that improves all four of Ridgefield’s schools, giving children in grades K-12 much-needed facility improvements.

The Capital Facilities plan presented by the Ridgefield School District addresses the community’s needs in a fiscally responsible and well-thought-out manner. The need for additional classrooms, band and choir space, facility support, athletics, parking, and student safety is evident when you walk into each of the schools. The upcoming school bond measure allows Ridgefield to meet the needs of our growing community and provide students with additional resources they desperately need for their continued academic growth.

It has been more than 40 years since the district has built or upgraded schools. Our teachers need facility upgrades to keep current with curriculum demands, and students deserve every educational opportunity we can provide to ensure their success. Ridgefield residents, please join me in voting “yes” Feb. 14 for the school bond measure.

Scott Gullickson