Central School burn postponed till January



BATTLE GROUND — Battle Ground has postponed its controlled burn of a deteriorated, unused school building until next month to allow more time for public comment, officials said.

Firefighters were scheduled to set the Central School ablaze Dec. 10. Officials postponed the date to Saturday, Jan. 21, to allow more comments, particularly from various public agencies. Weather conditions could have forced a ban on outdoor burning next weekend, Battle Ground officials said, citing the Southwest Washington Clean Air Agency.

Area firefighters will continue using the building for training through Dec. 9.

The brick giveaway associated with the Central School has been delayed to take place in conjunction with the new burn date.

The Central School was built in 1941. It was last occupied in 2001.

You can check http://battlegroundps.org for updates, including details about the brick giveaway, as the Jan. 21 burn date approaches.