Letter: The great divide getting wider



We no longer have the great middle class. Our country now was the highest degree of inequality between the rich and the poor than any one of the advanced democracies.

Congress is in gridlock because Grover Norquist, a multimillionaire lobbyist, has convinced a number of our congressmen to sign an everlasting pledge not to raise taxes, even in the face of ever-changing circumstances, and they won’t negotiate. They need to remember their pledge to the Constitution and the country, not to some millionaire.

Lobbyists control Congress, and the wealthy are going to control the show, unless the silent majority does something about it, and yes, they need to get out and vote. These congressmen don’t seem to care about the unemployed, the uninsured, and the growing under class. Someone once said “let them eat cake” and we know what happened back then.

Jim Dykes