Talking Points: Tiger Woods confidence rising



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Tiger Woods holds a 3-shot lead at the Chevron World Challenge, which, based on the past couple of years, doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Remember, Woods has held leads in various tournaments since his life fell apart two years ago — including this one little event called The Masters.

But Tiger’s confidence does seem to be lob-wedge high lately, as his play in the Australian Open and misleading performance in the President’s Cup indicate (Tiger did not have a winning record, but looked like his old self hitting greens and fairways.)

We’ve seen golfers blow Sunday leads time and time again, and for the first time in Woods’ career, he seems as susceptible to nerves as everyone else on the course. But know this — once Tiger starts winning, he is not going to stop.


The big winners this college football season were those opposed to the BCS — although it is hardly that sect’s first victory. Once again, we have a series of one-loss teams that are all claiming to have a case to play LSU for the national championship game (assuming the Tigers don’t suffer a surprise loss).

The truth is, folks are overthinking it. LSU has crushed everybody except one team — Bama, which it beat in overtime. Bama has crushed everybody except one team — LSU, which it lost to in overtime. Argue all you want about the unfairness of the BCS, but there is no argument as to who are the two best teams in the country.

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