The coast was clear, but the lowlands sure weren’t



It was a rather gray Saturday in the lowlands around Clark County, with sunshine in the higher elevations. The coast was clear, as were the Cascades, but most of us remained under the inversion with fog and low clouds.

There was a little clearing late in the afternoon to our far west, but it was short-lived. We may see some clearing Sunday if we get a little air movement, but that may not come until Sunday night or Monday.

Little change is forecast in our weather pattern for most of the coming week, with more fog, frost, low clouds and cool temperatures. Saturday we couldn’t even get out of the 30s. It was downright shivering and damp, and I must say I don’t really care for it. Not that I would want it pouring down rain, but at least it would be a bit warmer.

It is very unusual to get two basically dry weeks in December, but we may have a stab at it. Longer-range forecasts are divided on when this will break up as a massive area of high pressure continues its stronghold over the eastern Pacific. Most likely it will remain cool and dry.

At least I put the outside Christmas lights up without getting wet, although I had to don my gloves as my fingers were getting numb. But after all, it is winter — meteorologically speaking, that is; that began December 1.

If you are sending Christmas cards out in the mail this week there certainly isn’t anything to write home about weather-wise. Our higher ski areas got off to a good start, but that may go downhill very quickly. Open for Thanksgiving but closed for Christmas? Let’s hope not.

Interesting couple of weeks we have experienced though, with record rainfall, then record high barometric readings, and now maybe record dry. What next?

November rainfall reports from your friends and neighbors are coming in and I will share those with you later in the week.

It was indeed a wet month — one observer reported in with over 21 inches! Guess where? Stay tuned for that one.

Enjoy your week and get your errands accomplished without getting wet, and I will see you Tuesday.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at