Seattle man charged in crash that killed 2 people



SEATTLE (AP) — King County prosecutors have charged a Seattle man with two counts of vehicular homicide in a Nov. 13 crash that killed a young couple.

Authorities think 43-year-old Daniel Habeeb ran a red light and was driving between 70 and 90 mph when his Ford Explorer struck a Hyundai carrying the victims. The Hyundai burst into flames. Laura Sheard and Kristopher Martin died.

Habeeb was also charged Tuesday with vehicular assault. A child riding in his car was injured.

Habeeb was on probation after pleading guilty to reduced charges in a 2009 fatal crash.

Prosecutors say a plea agreement was reached in that case after Habeeb was diagnosed with a psychosis at the time of the 2009 collision.

Prosecutors alleged Tuesday that Habeeb was aware of the danger his mental health condition posed but chose to ignore the safety risks. They also claim he stopped taking medications and failed to inform his doctor when he began to have symptoms.

Bail was set at $1 million with arraignment scheduled Dec. 20.