Letter: Drivers, pedestrians must be cautious



Reading about the tragic death of Margaret McCluskey, who was killed in an accident involving a C-Tran bus, I was reminded of near-misses I’ve seen and experienced in similar circumstances while trying to cross at a crosswalk. The light often turns green for the turning car simultaneously with the pedestrian walk message.

I always put up my hand to warn the turning car that I am stepping out. Sometimes they ignore me or fail to see me and I hop out of danger just in time, especially if the green light has changed just as they were approaching the intersection.

Green means “go,” so the drivers proceed. I worry about the elderly and children on foot or on bikes who might assume falsely that they can safely step or ride out since the walk message is green, not realizing that the turning driver is assuming the same thing. I hope this hazard is addressed before anyone else is harmed or killed.

Susan Colby