Letter: It’s cold-hearted to raise rates now



Raising utility rates? That makes a lot of sense. With over 12 percent of this county out of work; why not jack up a few more rates like rent, gas, heating oil, food? There is nothing like getting kicked when you’re down. With the feds and the state already giving us tax increases, why not raise property taxes, too? Why bother taxing at all; why not just give all our monies to some government official?

There is an election in less than 11 months. Governments and agencies should be very careful what they do now because there’s enough of us who don’t easily forget “who done us wrong.”

What our forefathers fought for and what we have today are a far cry from what was written by them. There is an evolution coming that will change a lot of how we look at our world tomorrow.

It’s time governments were run like businesses, living within their budgets, because spending monies they don’t have to cater to special interests is just plain wrong.

Don’t increase utility rates, economize in this economy and get by with what you have. Raising rates is going to hurt too many people.

Grant Russell