Letter: Weather dictates driving with lights



Here we are again, wintertime and all its yucky weather. I cannot believe that people drive early in the morning do not turn on their headlights when driving in bad weather, such as our recent fog.

People must realize that, although you can see, guess what? Many people cannot see you.

With the majority of good drivers keeping their lights on, a driver with no lights on is blending in with the fog. If 99 percent of traffic behind you have their lights on in the fog and you are in that 1 percent of drivers without lights on, you cannot be seen.

I had a near miss with a driver who did not have their lights on in the thick fog. I switched lanes and about hit that car because I never saw them. And wow, I got the gesture with one finger. Please note, if you are in an accident and the weather was such that you needed to have your lights on and did not, you are liable.

You’re risking thousands of dollars in repairs, not to mention medical bills, so please turn on your lights.

Thomas Krueger