Letter: Fuzzy math challenges logic




OK, my American dreamers. I have read the letters proclaiming that it only takes hard work and total effort to be part of the 1 percent. I can do basic math and let’s see, if the lazy 99 percent just work hard, they can be the 1 percent? How does 99 become 1? There’s that fuzzy math.

Oh, yes, in the greatest nation in the world if you are not part of the 1 percent, with this reasoning, you are not working hard enough. So we are the greatest nation with 99 percent of us being lazy bums.

I think the biggest problem is many of the 99 percent do not realize they are not the 1 percent and never will be no matter how hard they work. The easiest way to become part of the 1 percent is to go to Congress; over half of them are millionaires.

May I suggest the book about high achievers, “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, as a good read.

Gerald Hatcher