Letter: Be watchful of your surroundings



As the holidays approach and we all settle in due to cold weather, it’s a good time to remind all that this is the time of year when mailboxes get robbed and packages get stolen from cars and doorways. Statistically, a majority of small-time, smash-and-grab thieves are hooked on methamphetamine or other controlled substances.

How can you spot dealing in your neighborhood? Here are some clues to look for:

  1. Multiple cars coming and going from the same unit or house at any time of day or night.

  2. Quick drop-offs and pick-ups.

  3. Strangers who stand around or wait in vehicles until it’s time to go inside to do business.

Continually update police about suspicious activities and describe the people coming and going. 911 is a huge help in this town. They always find time to reply to your call if you have a history of being correct in your assumptions.

People talk, and word moves fast. The area where I live was a mess, but now it’s almost 100 percent cleaned up. It’s your duty to keep your life and your loved ones safe and free from an atmosphere of crime and violence. Dealers can come and go but your determination and resolve is more powerful.

Allen Russell