Talking Points: Oregon carries pride of Pac-12




Unless you are a Ducks’ fan, we understand it can be difficult to pull for the Oregon football team. Like any program that has had an extended run of success, its fans can be as annoying as its uniforms can be exasperating.

But Pac-12 football fans should think long and hard before pulling for Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 2.

Because if the Ducks don’t win, the Pac-12 could be skunked.

Seriously, show us a bowl game where a Pac-12 team deserves to be favored. Washington against Baylor? Arizona State against Boise State? Utah vs. Georgia Tech? None of those look good for the good guys. Cal-Texas could be competitive. For that matter, in a dismal way, so could UCLA vs. Illinois.

Then there is Stanford vs. Oklahoma State. We love Stanford, which behind Andrew Luck hasn’t lost to any team not named Oregon in more than two years. But if Oklahoma State plays with a chip on its shoulder over not getting to the BCS championship game, this could be trouble for the Cardinal.

As for the Ducks, we don’t think they should be favored by a touchdown over the Badgers. But for the sake of the Pac-12, we hope they prove us wrong.