Letter: Obama obsessed with re-election



The Obama administration is the most political on record.

His resistance to the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the Gulf proves he is not about job creation, but only cares about his re-election. I believe he is going delay his decision on a veto threat until after the 2012 election. This should please the righteous liberals and environmentalists, along with his Tinseltown L.A. followers.

This pipeline project would not only reduce our oil imported from OPEC, but would create thousands of jobs and generate billions in tax revenue. All this with private money, not taxpayers’ dollars.

We now have over 50,000 miles of oil pipelines in the United States with very minimal environmental harm. It appears now that Canada proposes to ship its oil by supertankers to less regulated Chinese refineries. Meanwhile, President Obama shows complete disregard for the 14 million unemployed Americans who wait for Washington, D.C., to create jobs.

It seems politicians and their re-elections are more important than achieving energy independence for our beloved United States.

Where is our leadership? Oh, they are all out campaigning.

Lee Powers