Talking Points: Tebow is favored





Oh, Lord.

Tim Tebow’s pastor Wayne Hanson told TMZ recently that the quarterback’s success was the result of “God’s favor.”

This is not the first time such a statement has been made. When Auburn beat Oregon in last January’s national championship game, Tigers head coach Gene Chizik said that “God was on our side.” And in 2007, when the Detroit Lions were 6-2, some media members credited the team’s spiritually for its success because quarterback Jon Kitna preached “salvation” week in and win out.

Well, this year, Auburn dropped 24 spots in the rankings, and in 2007, Detroit ended up missing the playoffs and went winless the next year.

Did God change allegiances?

Tebow’s faith is hardly a secret, but he’s never been one to shove it down people’s throats or say that God influenced an outcome. But comments such as Hanson are careless in the sense that, if the Broncos suddenly tank, it destroys his credibility.

To call Tebow’s run thus far incredible is more than fair. But to call it divine is a bit much.


Did you see Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien lay into Tom Brady after the quarterback threw in interception late in New England’s win over Washington Sunday?

Whether Brady deserved such a tongue-lashing is one debate, but it’s a bit refreshing to see it actually happen, no?

You constantly see coaches hold back their true feelings when it comes to star players because they fear it could come back to haunt them if said player eventually decides he wants him gone. But not only did Brady find himself enduring some yelling — it came from assistant coach!

Brady’s post-game reaction served as another testimony to his class, saying he deserved the reprimand. It might also say something about the Patriots as an organization — no one player is exempt from anything. Perhaps there’s a reason they’ve got three rings this century?