Letter: Commit firmly to better governing



The media are full of negative comments regarding politicians we voted into office to represent us. Some of us have spent hours assisting in campaigns, phoning, passing out literature on those, like Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., we feel represent us. Later we wonder who is it they really represent?

Sen. Cantwell finally, after several emails, replied to my question (not just one of her typical form letters) as to her stand on the Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge Act allowing legislators to benefit from commodities and securities trading information. This act is awaiting further review.

Her response, “Please be assured that I will keep your view in mind as this legislation progresses through the U.S. Senate.” I received similar responses to other bills, but never does she make a firm commitment. Why, as this one should be a no-brainer?

My response back to her, “Please be assured I shall keep your comments and lack of commitment to a better government in mind when it comes time to vote for you.”

Dale Shotwell