Letter: Plan less affordable for small clinics



Reading the Dec. 14 story “1 million in state are uninsured,” I have a feeling that the number for the state’s uninsured population is underestimated. I work in a local urgent care and family practice clinic.

In the past three years, there has been a significant increase in the number of uninsured patients. Much of this is due to lost employment, but it’s also due to working family members who are unable to cover the increased cost of employer offered insurance for dependents.

Insurance premiums are getting too high for most small companies to afford.

The reasons are varied, but for the most part, health care providers at the small clinic level have only been increasing fees to cover overhead cost, which are substantially lower than the percentage increases being made by insurance companies.

It is also interesting that many insurance companies have not responded to providers in a timely manner, or even making adjustments that reflect the providers’ expenses.

Most insurance companies have pushed to lower reimbursements to providers, which is the main reasons small clinics cannot afford to see some patients.

Therefore, President Obama’s affordable health care plan appears to be a better option to the for-profit insurance companies.

Steve Engard