Letter: Reduce, reduce, reduce



There are five things the government must do to create real productive private-sector jobs — all of which are vehemently opposed by liberals, progressives, communists, and radically left-wing Obama Democrats.

o Reduce overall taxes.

As John F. Kennedy wisely said, “The purpose of cutting taxes is to achieve a more prosperous expanding economy.”

o Reduce corporate taxes.

We have the second highest corporate taxes on Earth, forcing companies to move their operations, and American jobs, overseas.

o Reduce those 170,000 page, devastating, job-killing regulations that force American corporations and American jobs overseas.

o Secure our borders.

Millions of illegal aliens take jobs away from American workers — especially low-income workers.

o Eliminate the minimum wage.

This wage takes job opportunities away from disabled or low-skilled workers whose work is worth less than what employers are forced to pay them — and thereby keeping low-skilled workers permanently unemployed.

Robert Wassman