Talking Points: Something for Blazers fans



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


It is nice that the Trail Blazers gave their fans something to smile about on Thursday. Or, perhaps we should say that it is nice Jamal Crawford gave Trail Blazers fans reason to smile.

Not being salary cap wonks, we here at Talking Points Central cannot tell you whether using the amnesty clause for Brandon Roy was the right move long term. But we can say without hesitation that having the ability to bring in credible free agents now is important.

Sure, the addition of Crawford gives the team a much needed shooter. More important, perhaps, is the message this signing sends to Blazermaniacs.

If the Blazers want to give their loyal fans reason to flock to the Rose Garden for this abbreviated season, this was a move they had to make. Crawford doesn’t turn Portland into a title contender. But he does make this team much more watchable.


The Trail Blazers were not the only Portland team to add an important player on Thursday. The Portland Timbers signed a young forward who they believe has the potential to become a star.

Potential, of course, is only hope that a player will become great. It could be some time before we know if the addition of Jose Adolfo Valencia will be remembered as a banner day for the Timbers.

We applaud the Timbers’ approach. General manager Gavin Wilkinson and coach John Spencer have placed an emphasis on acquiring young, athletic players who they believe will grow with the franchise to greatness. It figures to be a fun process to watch.