Letter: Support schools in Ridgefield




The key to a strong community is education. Ridgefield citizens have had the good fortune of strong schools and well-educated students. School staff, teachers, administrators and board members have always done an outstanding job of making the most of available resources.

It is now time for us to give back to Ridgefield by voting “yes” on the facilities improvement bond on Feb. 14.

I’ve had concerns with past school bonds due to the high cost and narrow focus. This proposal addresses both concerns.

The cost is minimal considering the scope. All students (K-12) will be positively impacted by improving the use of space within each facility and improving student safety through traffic flow upgrades. Additionally, these improvements are sustainable and can be incorporated in future development and growth plans. I encourage you to review the details at http://www.citizensforridgefieldschools.com.

Take a look around at our neighboring school districts and decide for yourself if paying a little more in property taxes has an effect on the quality of education.

No one wants less money in their pockets these days, but what we can’t afford is to jeopardize the strength of Ridgefield and our schools.

Please join me in voting “yes” so we can maintain excellence in Ridgefield.

Kerri Clary