Letter: Trickle down is tough on the 99%



We have a mayor and city council who provide a millionaire developer, Elie Kassab, with a multiyear tax exemption on an apartment complex project. Millionaires cannot afford to become richer without these types of tax breaks.

Then I read the Dec. 14 story “Clark Public Utilities to raise water rates by 14%,” probably because many of us are conserving anywhere we can and their profit isn’t enough yet it can consider granting a big credit to a major company. A Dec. 6 story reported “Frito-Lay seeks break on water bills.”

We have politicians in D.C. who are influenced to abide by the conservative lobbyist Grover Norquist’s pledge, which by the way is said to be one that once signed they cannot renege on.

I have had to go buy a case of tissues (generic, of course) to wipe all the tears from these sad stories because I know it is my American duty to support the upper 1 percent and corporations as one of the 99 percent.

Want change? Begin here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupygrovernorquistpledge/288485784528048 and learn how we can all make a difference.

This pledge even trickles down to the state levels.

Chris Yashkus