Letter: Attack on Michael Moore unwarranted



Jay Ambrose’s rant against Michael Moore, in his Dec. 15 column, “Michael Moore part of the 1 percent,” and the Occupy movement left me disappointed. I’ve read his other columns that were more balanced. If Ambrose thinks the Occupy movement “reeks of hallucinatory zaniness,” I refer him to The Columbian Business section on Dec. 14. The top officers of WaMu, who made millions for themselves while running it into the ground, and were punished by having to give up their “golden parachutes.” Meanwhile, the people who are trying to save pennies on their water bills by conserving water use will have that snatched away with higher rates.

I am a bystander. I’ve never seen a Michael Moore movie. I haven’t been to any protests. But something is wrong here. Maybe the Occupy movement doesn’t have a coherent message because it’s hard to point your finger at any one thing. But I hope they keep trying. I also hope Michael Moore keeps pointing his finger at Ambrose’s style of slanted half-truths and the supposed leaders of our financial institutions.

Maybe Freddie Mac would have fared better if they didn’t spend so much money on historians.

Don Gribling