Letter: Get rid D.C. of ‘spendaholics’



I just received a note from Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., saying that the Republicans have held the payroll tax-cut hostage by adding “poison” to it.

If stimulating our economy with a million jobs by allowing, nay, welcoming the Canadian Keystone pipeline to be built from Canada to Texas by Americans with American parts and refined in Texas by American refineries providing petroleum to help bring down the price fuel in America is “poison,” then please, Nancy, poison us with it.

It is still puzzling why the Democratic leadership in Congress is so intent on defunding Social Security by taking away its only source, which is the payroll tax.

If what they wanted happened and they managed to tax the “rich” more, there is absolutely no reason to believe Pelosi and her comrades would use it to support Social Security. They blow more than they get by trillions and emptied the Social Security fund long ago.

The Democrats are helpless spend-aholics, and they need to be sent to retirement far away from Washington, D.C.

Will H. Matson

Battle Ground