Letter: Increase access to contraception



I join Elisa Wells in outrage expressed in her Dec. 13 letter, “Wrong action taken on contraception,” in which she reports that our secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, overruled a decision by the FDA that had been based on careful and scientific review of the data. I have a strong wish about a related, over-arching issue.

I wish that those who oppose family planning would connect some dots. We are inundated with information about hungry and homeless people and sick, starving children worldwide. Our mailboxes burst with pleas for money to help them. We donate clothes and food in bags on our doorstep and to barrels at churches and concerts; thousands of volunteers prepare food and collect, sort and deliver the goods to hungry people. This happens in our own city and in every state across the nation. We watch pictures of women in Third World countries walking miles to seek aid for their string of six or more malnourished children. Having a child who cannot be nurtured is a social, economic, and emotional problem. A sure form of prevention of pregnancy is the prevention of conception. Let’s help, not hinder, people’s access to methods that can prevent that conception when needed.

Erica Kelley