Talking Points: This cheap shot counted



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


There is at least one guy from Cleveland who, in hindsight, does not mind being the victim of a cheap shot administered by Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison.

Nathan Mallett got slammed to the turf by Harrison in 2005.

Mallett, though, was not and is not a Cleveland Brown. He is just a Cleveland Browns fan who had a little too much to drink that day. He ran onto the field and danced around a bit until Harrison found him.

Mallett’s fun was over.

Now, six years later, Mallett says that body slam from Harrison knocked some sense into him. Mallett went to rehab to get his drinking under control and claims to be sober now.

Cool for him.

Harrison, meanwhile, is still taking cheap shots at anything associated with the Cleveland Browns. He is suspended for Monday’s game for a hit against Cleveland QB Colt McCoy in Pittsburgh’s last game.


Adrian Peterson says he wants to play this weekend, in part, for fantasy owners.

Not sure if he was serious, but if he is, that’s cool.

Unfortunately, most fantasy leagues are in the playoffs now. And those owners who had Peterson on their teams likely are not in the playoffs because Peterson has missed the last month with an injury.

Still, welcome back, AP. The Vikings, their fans, and we fantasy geeks have missed you.


Well, the tide is about to turn.

At least one NFL player not on the Denver Broncos went public with his disgust of all things Tim Tebow.

“Tebow, Tebow, Tebow,” the player’s inner Jan Brady said, or something like that.

Relax. Any big story in the NFL is a big story for the whole league. The public loves these stories. Even the part of the public that can’t wait for Tebow to lose.

Most true football fans know that Denver’s defense has been playing awesome the past few weeks. And it was a kicker who was just as clutch, or more so, than Tebow last week. But for now, Tebow is the talk of the league.

In a few weeks, if Green Bay completes a 16-0 regular season, the Packers will get more buzz.

Tebow Mania is fun for now. Even Raider fans can appreciate the phenomenon, even if they want him to lose the next three weeks.

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