Letter: Increased revenue can bring balance



I generally don’t write in to answer opinion pieces but I must answer Thomas Sowell’s column in The Columbian on Dec. 13: “Debt panel’s failure a success for Obama.”

Sowell is right: the supercommittee’s failure has focused the national attention on the failure of Congress to balance the budget.

But Sowell is wrong by saying Democratic spending has caused the fiscal crisis.

The fact is, the economic crisis was directly caused by two unfunded wars (meaning President Bush did not include several trillion dollars of war funds in his budget).

And Bush did not fund the 2003 Medicare Part D drug program (which Brown University has projected to cost $727 billion by 2017).

On top of these astronomical spending sprees were 12 years of Bush tax cuts.

Do the math and the truth is evident. The American economy is broke. The only solution is to balance the account with increased revenue.

David L. Rowe

Battle Ground