Most read stories on, week of Dec. 11



Most read stories on last week:

No. 1) Top wheelchair racer nearly lost family due to sex addiction

Every Wednesday, former world champion athlete Craig Blanchette merrily drives to Vancouver to converse with some of the most sexually-obsessed men in the Northwest.

No. 2) Washougal incident: Stanbary accused of raping girl, 9

Steven D. Stanbary allegedly molested and raped a girl who lived in his home over several years, starting when she was 9, according to police reports reviewed Wednesday.

No. 3) Many questions, few answers in Washougal murder-suicide

In the hours before he killed himself and two female relatives amid a hellish rain of bullets and fire, Steven Stanbary planted his wallet and a GPS tracking system in the bed of his neighbor’s truck across the street.

No. 4) Police confirm 3 bodies found in Washougal home

Three bodies were recovered from the charred remains of a Washougal home that was involved in a fire and standoff on Wednesday, police said.

No. 5) Washougal police chief takes stock of violence

With the adrenaline starting to settle down in Washougal — after a shocking fire, hundreds of bullets fired and a wife and her sister slain — Police Chief Ron Mitchell had one word on Monday to describe his feelings: “Tired.”