Portlandia spoof video looks at Vancouver’s “dream of the suburbs”




If “Portlandia” is a TV spoof about life in Portland, what do you call a Web-based spoof about life in Vancouver? “Vancouvria,” apparently. A video by that name debuted Sunday at “Attack of the Flix,” a Portland-based monthly film competition. Now it’s generating buzz on YouTube as well.

Posted by Brighton West, a Portland film maker, the short video pokes fun at a number of stereotypes that Oregonians have about Southwest Washington, saying that “Vancouver’s like an alternative universe” – one where people can get groceries bagged in plastic, drive in a bike lane without getting a ticket, and where traffic on the I-5 bridge warrants a bigger bridge that Portland should pay for. “The dream of the suburbs is alive in Vancouver,” a group of singers intones from a Walmart parking lot.

Creators of the video have set up a Facebook page, West said that more episodes will be forthcoming. This is the first installment.

“It’s really meant to be fun, kind of like how ‘Portlandia’ pokes fun at some of the stereotypes of Portland, I was poking fun at some of the stereotypes of Vancouver,” West said.