Talking Points: Pac-12 basketball may have problems



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Yahoo Sports blogger Jeff Eisenberg wrote this about the struggling Pac-12 basketball scene:

“The most telling indictment of the Pac-12’s non-conference futility this season requires a brief history lesson.

“In the past five seasons, 18 of 19 Pac-10 teams that won 11 or more conference games earned an NCAA tournament bid with Arizona State’s 2009-10 team serving as the lone unlucky exception. This season, there may not be a team in the league with an impressive enough resume to reach the NCAA tournament with an 11-7 conference record and many wouldn’t feel entirely secure at 12-6 either.

“If the Pac-10’s nadir was thought to be the 2009-10 season when only regular season champ Cal and conference tournament winner Washington made the NCAA tournament, this season could yet challenge that one. The Pac-12 is currently ninth in league RPI and has a pathetic 12-33 record against teams in the top 100.”

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Imagine if President Barack Obama didn’t like Mike Shanahan as Washington Redskins football coach and asked for that to be “taken care of.”

That’s kinda what’s going on in Montreal where some of the Quebec government isn’t pleased with the Canadiens hiring a non-French speaking NHL coach. (see Page B2)

The Canadiens’ team owner said finding a coach who could win took first priority. Silly him.

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