Letter: Senators’ votes unnerving



I was horrified to find that Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., had voted in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act and its provisions allowing for arrest and imprisonment without trial of anyone anywhere who is deemed to be a threat to the United States. How is this different from any other totalitarian state including the fascist and communist dictatorships of the last century?

Their vote has pushed this country further along the spectrum toward becoming a police state armed with incredible weapons for suppressing the rights of the common citizen. In fact, how do I know I won’t be sent to some unacknowledged “black site” prison somewhere simply for expressing my opposition?

I have come to expect nothing better than this from President Obama, but was depressed to see our own senators falling into lockstep with the fear mongers and militarists who have so disserved this nation in recent years. Why did our senators vote for this? How can we support legislators who so blithely sign away our rights as human beings?

William Sterr, Vancouver