Decorative hydrant taken by thieves




Is there anything thieves won’t take?

“Can you believe it?” asked Christine Hansen, office manager of Cascade Park Animal Hospital. “It was a Dalmatian outside of our clinic.”

The Dalmatian pup, white with black spots and a little red tongue, was painted around the outside of an old fire hydrant, its weight estimated at 150 pounds.

Hansen’s cousin, Joyce Erickson, who died recently, painted it with the help of her son, Kevin Erickson. It was auctioned off in a fundraiser.

Hansen figures it was stolen Wednesday night or -before daylight Thursday.

On Thursday, “Some -clients said, ‘Hey, where’s that fire hydrant?'”

“It was so cute,” Hansen said. “The kids just loved it and the dogs just really loved it. It’s so bloodly heavy we thought no one could lift it.”

Hansen has reported the theft to Vancouver police, who told her property crimes such as theft and burglary increased in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2010.

She figures the painted fire hydrant is decorating someone’s home or yard, or will be sold as scrap metal.

Anyone who sees it can visit the animal hospital at 16820 S.E. McGillivray Blvd. in Fisher’s Landing, or call 360-892-2122. Or call 911 and refer dispatchers to report No. V-11-22613.